Thank You Everyone who donated to the on line FB Fundraiser!! New 2U would like to thank the donors of 2017who are: Bissell, Dr. Cotter!!!!

Sigda Flowers, Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange, Peterman's Boards and Bowls, Aubuchons, Animal Crackers, Pierce Brothers Coffee, Dennys Pantry, Betty Rice, Kevin Conway, Betty and Terry Norwood, TE-Table and Chair Rental, Bev Labelle, Mr & Mrs Donald Campbell, Servant's Hand, Home Spun by Andy's, Crystal & Jack Kimball, Sherra Pazmino, Jim & Jeff, Keurig Co, Greenfield Garden Cinema, Hampton Inn, Ryan & Casey, Bruce Baker,

Gilmore and Farrell, Bob Penfield, Jim Vassar, Chuck Vassar, Lenny, Duane, Freddy Ackerman, Dani Jurkowski, Erin Quintana, Nupro, Janice, HAE Now, Organic Tea, Indigo Coffee, Bueno's, The Gill Tavern, Caminto Steak House, Tangible Bliss, Hubies Tavern,

Red Robin,  Bio Bags, Wander Collars, Elks Club, Bobby C, Granby Country Grain, Hamilton Products, House of Seven Gables, Cheshire Horse,  VitaCost

 Muffin Man, 99 Restaurant & Pub, Kellie and Mike, Greenfield Savings Bank, Albert Allen

Insurance, A.H. Rist, Riffs, North Hampton Brewery, Kurgo, Chris and Xanthipi, Fitzwilly's, Bisstle, Lupine Pet, UNFI, Jeff Either and Danielle Either, Greenfields Market, Greenfield FarmersCo-Op Exchange ,  

​Macy's, River Valley Co OP, Cindy Clark and Hubby, Charles Barthol, Cliff Bar, Nylabones,

Kringle Kandle, Richard and Shirley, Coastal, Linda, Tiger Press, Pet Co, Sleekez, Tick Twister, Wahl, Martingale Collars, Judy Jackman, Dr. Wadman and Mrs. Dr. Wadman, Florance Bank, Bete Fog Nozzle, Jim's Tree Service, Kylee Gamache, Margret, Grandby Country Grain, Paul and Mark and the gang, Connor, Magic Wings, Amy Claine,  Silver Screen, Ivan, Kendra & Allan,

Devine Over head doors,  Judith Bailey, Alex Sabin, Leah Joyal, Julia and Grace, A. Hale Johnson, Pamela Colley, GRRR Gear, Richard and Linda Kulkuwicz, Chapples Auto Service, Trader Joes , Jane and Barbara from Denny's Pantry, Donna Roundy, Witty's Funeral Home, 
​Cowls, Scapes Buliders Excavation LLC, Gene, Cost Co, Geri Johnson, Renaissance Builders, 

​Yovone, Charity Day, Danny Boucher, Jan Bangrazi Rowland, Angela Worden-Corey, Jess Maenzo-Tanner, Elisebeth Moore, Vicki Pachalis, Colleen, Amy Dillon, Craig Murley, Eileen Bedaw, IAm Super, Miri Dyer, Dahna Virgillio,  Jane and Barbara, Freddy,random customer's 

​at Denny's Pantry,Sue Addams,Chad Champoux,Suean DeAngelis,William D Richards, and Mrs. Richards (Connie),Xanthipi, Art's Tire, Every Spirit Shop Owner that let us keep our 

​Donation Boxes there,Rob Charboneau,Amy  and Preston, Danny,Cynthia Clark and her honey Lenny

Appologies if you do not see your name it will be added soon.  

2018 New 2U Dog Rescue Thank YOU's 

New 2U would like to thank the donors of 2016 who are: Dave’s soda and pet city, Lisa Charette, Genesis center of Westfield, Melissa Villamaino, Matt Villamaino, Big y, Life care center of Wilbraham, Rices market, Sixteen Acres garden center, Village store café, Pet Co, Pottery Barn, Nancy Collins, Nancy B Schechterle, Chris McCoy, Champagne,Eileen, Rich and Linda, Freddie, Craig, Sharon Rice Cynthia, Sue, Chris and Xanthippie, Kathy Flagg, Amber Flagg and Cindy Marshall, Alex, Jessica Pierson Joyal, Lee Georgina, UNFI, Denny’s Pantry ,VitaCost, Customers, Beacon Hospice nurses, Lisa Paglian, Emily Perkins, Bettina.M.Nadeau, Linda Pepin, Dakin, Lisa Paglian, Lisa and Emily Perkins, Bettina Nadeau, Sherra Pazmino, Crystal Kimball, Elisabeth Moore,  Vern-Mont Farm, TJ Maxx, 99 Restraunt, Dean's Beans,Indigo Coffee, The Missing Link, p et Co, Whitney Hill Antiques, Andy's Home Spun, Tom Bihn,Tracor Supply,5th Generation,Hamilton Products,Elks Club,Adult Daycare GVNA nurses and everyone there,Granby Grain,Greenfield Savings bank,Rist Insurance,North Hampton Brewery ,Copy Cat..Amanda Shafii and her Mother Jennifer  ,the helpful copy guy at Walgreen's, Jennifer,Greenfield's Farmers Market (Agway),Thank You Linda,Betty and Terry Noorwood,

   Apologies if I have forgotten any of you, you will soon be added.

  Jan 1st-Dec  Dr. Cotter!!   Tim Gerdes,Donna and Walt and Freckles 2.0 Cindy and Lenny,Rob, Amy and Preston,Chad Wiley's dad, Citizens Bank, Odor Be Gone, Cindy and Alex..and Mr.Pip,Citizens Bank,Brei,ans crew,Sue Smith,Vicki Pachalis Next Stop forever, Cindy Clark,Vita Cost, Cliff Bar,Diemond Farm,Tigar Press and Crew,Cindy and Lenn,Lori Dolton,Richard and Shirley,Susan DeAnglis,Kerig,Tropical Products,Highland Press,FaceBook,Lc Industeries,Kurgo Collars,Fitz Willy's,Pelican,Mr & Mrs. Dr. Wadman,Erving Paper Mill,Brew Master, Deb Dupprey,Lupine Collars,Myrons, Mary Thomas,Lori,Charity Day,Tresesa Cavanna,Feb-Dr. Hauschka Products,Ryan and Casey,Blue Seal,John's Socks,Pottery Barn,Erin Williams,Jessica,and staff,Riff's,Albert B Allen Inc,Tavern on the Hill,Aubuchon's,Mr and Mrs. Bartholomew,Claire Herbert,The Cardnial Family,Highland Press,Harnesses for Hounds,Jim Vasser,Dave's Soda and Pet City,Sky's mom  Amy,Gretchen Alberti Miner,Chatterton Family,Harnesses for Hounds, Tea Guys,Berkshire East, Mitchy,Randezvous,Artimis Bio Solutions Ebony :) Northfield Moutain, TL Valle Woodworking Tom :) Coca Cola Co,Deb Casey,Republic Lodge :) Thank You Everyone.Albert B Allen,Daves Soda and Pet City,Carlie,Gilmore and Ferrell,Whintney Hill,Deb Sullivan,Harriet Paine,Annette Killminster,Sams Army,Fl Roberts,Golden Nozzle,Fiebing Co Inc,Jason and Cece and family,Jim Ellis,Worthington Saddlery,Jen Smith,Susan DeAngleous,The Banfield Foundation THANK YOU for your Generous donation of Flea and tick meds :) Costal Pet,Scott Pet,UNFI, Robin,Kieras Oil,Dave's Soda and Pet City,Florence Bank,Alan and Freddy,Magistic Pet Products,Next Stop Forever Vicki,Colleen,Perri's Leather,Creek Massage,Straight Arrow,Leah Joyal,Kylee Gamache.Dogger Jogger Company,