​​​​​​​​​New 2U Dog Rescue is a Non Profit Organizations 501(C)(3). We are a local rescue from Greenfield. We rescue dogs only within the State of MA 

Our goal is to rescue dogs,provide foster care

and then dog adoption.

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New 2U Dog Rescue Greenfield MA 01301

Contact Dawn 413-824-9225new2udogrescue@yahoo.com

  1. ​All donations go to New2U's daily operations. We need to provide veterinarian services, shelter and food. We also provide                                          charitable contributions of dog food to seniors and shelters when we can. Each donation button goes to the specific item listed. You can donate any amount you want and on multiple dogs, Every Dollar you donate will Help!!
  2. Thank You. 

   We are a dog rescue that is run by compassionate volunteers.
​We do not ship dogs in from out of state.

   Our rescue dogs come from senior citizens or people whono longer can care for their beloved dogs,either due to        an extended stay in a nursing home, hospice care or passing on.

    Little dogs do not fare well when caged in a pound environment.Our​ goal is to take the dogs into our rescue,

  place them into a loving foster home environment,evaluate them and match themup with their New2U forever             family in the state of Massachusetts.

Bleach     Laundry detergent​       Stamps  small Dog chew toys

Small dog toys​      Small dog round beds    pooper scoopers